Router Guide and 50" WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide Combo

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  • Make straight, accurate dados and rabbets – woodworkers asked US for a router guide / router Jig that would make precise dados, rabbets, and mortise cuts. 
  • Works with almost any make/model router – includes a 1” standard guide Bushing for easy mounting (works with almost all routers). no drilling or bolting necessary.
  • Versatile cutting for wide dados – cutting adjustment allows for cutting wide dado’s with a ¼” 3/8” or ½” router bit. 
  • Large plate size for easier handling – the large plate size ensures your router stays steady, and is easy to handle. 
  • Rigid aluminum straight edge guide with 50-inch capacity for making straight and accurate cuts

The Bora WTX clamp edge saw guide is the perfect addition to your Circular saw, Router or jig saw allowing you to make straight cuts with ease. Made out of heavy gauge, extruded aluminum, the WTX clamp edge is tough and durable. The adjustable end clamp slides easily along the precise channels eliminating the need for the internal channel bar reducing weight and wear. The locking handle grabs work surfaces and won't let go giving you a secure edge that won't budge so you can make precise track saw like cuts with a Circular saw, jig saw or Router. The WTX clamp edge is 50 inch's long and with the connector accessories you can add an additional 50 inches of cutting capacity. The handle is molded with a hanging notch for convenient storage while it's not in use. The Router dado guide has plenty of features that make it very versatile. You can adjust for bit size, and board size/thickness as well, ensuring that pieces that have a thickness which are Slightly smaller than standard sizes can fit tightly. In other words, your ¾” Board That’s not quite a true ¾” will be loose with a dado cut with a standard ¾” bit. But you can adjust the cut with our dado guide for a perfect, snug cut every time. The Bora Router dado guide comes with a 1” Porter cable BUSHING for easy mounting, and also has that Bora quality that woodworkers worldwide have come to appreciate. Make your workshop or garage even more versatile with this exceptional Router dado guide.

Fisch Drop Multi Spur Bit Sizes No
UPC Code No
Brand Bora Tool
  • 2.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions 63 x 10 x 3.5"
  • Includes 50" WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide
  • Includes Bora Router Guide
Prop 65 Warning No
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